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Property Hanoi

This is good news. I know that when it comes to retirement, a lot of couples usually opt for properties in the south. Costa Rica sounds like an ideal place to live in. It doesn't hurt that it's also considered to be one of the safest places in Central America.

costa rica best investment

Costa Rica is an excellent country to invest in real estate its economy is very stable, being a peaceful country and have their exuberant nature makes it much more attractive to invest

costa rica hotels

Thank you! I find recomendations of diferent hotels not too far from the city a very good prices, and also i discorvered excelent restorants, beahes, Costa Rica Pura Vida!!


Hello I enjoyed your presentation, I agree with your idea that we are near the bottom of the price drop at

least the activity drop here in Costa Rica. I represent several Real Estate companies here in Costa Rica in NW Guanacaste and in the

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Real Estate companies that I represent are ranked considerably higher than you. My RE clients started at roughly this

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Best regards,
Rodgers Bestgen
Hi Tec Solutions
Brasilito, Guanacaste

Steve Allan

Yes, Despite the world economic crisis, the impact in Costa Rica is less. This is wonderful that, things remain cool and life goes smoothly in Costa Rica. Nowadays most of the people really love to live in Costa Rica and are ready to make investment on Costa Rican properties, even though there is slow down in market.

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