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Houston real estate

What you can spend in a month at present, you can nearly double your standard of living by simply moving to paradise. Or, you could potentially reduce your budget in half with little or no sacrifice.

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Although we do not get constant questions about biological communities, we get a lot more about what it means to live in Costa Rica Here are some of the key questions and answers you should consider carrying out basic research on the retirement or invest in Costa Rica.

Houston real estate

Mine is still on typepad but I have the whole thing exported to wordpress. Moving the photos is the challenge. The one thing I did right was to run it off my own domain name. I won't have to leave a message on it when it is moved and I can shut down my typepad account. Blogs are fairly easy

Giovanna Barrantes

My name is Giovanna Barrantes. I'm an attorney in San Jose Costa Rica.
Costa Rica offers many reasons why Americans will retire to Costa Rica

Same property rights as Costa Ricans
Low property taxes.
Can become resident with retired plan
Can buy medical insurance either local/private
Can own a business

Property Hanoi

This is a great article; it answers a lot of the common questions in the minds of people planning to retire in Costa Rica. I'd like to just mention that, according to many travelers, Costa Rica is one of the safest destinations in Central America,so safety shouldn't be a worry.

joanna dean

Are your tours appropriate for people who want to rent for a year or so before deciding to buy? Will most condos and apts. take small dogs? If coming as a single, could you arrange for another single female for room share during the tour? Thanks.....Joanna

Kalia Living

Relocating to Costa Rica for retirement is definitely a smart way to save on health care costs for individuals taking prescription medications, but the relaxed outlook on life and healthy diet also helps foreign Costa Rica retirees extend quality livable years.

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